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Easy Manicure

25,00 $
High precision professional stainless steel manicure scissors. The extremely sharp tip allows all traces of skin to be removed for even more precise nail prep.

Pro Manicure 2000

45,00 $
Professional pointy tip manicure scissors made of stainless steel, allows the removal of skin in specific areas

Tools Full Set

150,00 $
Complete professional manicure tool kit. Perform any type of technique. Professional stainless steel tools. They can be sterilized.   This set has a 10% discount already included in its final price!!!

Rainbow Nipper

16,00 $
Professional cuticle nippers for high precision cuticle cutting. Its extremely thin head allows you to remove all traces of skin so that the preparation of the nail is even more precise in your manicures and combined manicures.

Rainbow Pusher

10,00 $
Professional cuticle pusher with double head: it is used to push back the cuticle and to remove cuticle residues from the nail.

Rainbow Palette

15,00 $
Double-sided stainless steel spatula for the application of acrylgel and plasticine gel. Can be sterilized

Rainbow Pinching Clips

18,00 $
Stainless steel clips for pinching technique in rainbow chromium-plated color.
5 pcs.

Rainbow Nail Clipper

9,00 $
Professional stainless steel nail clipper, perfect for hands or feet. Can be sterilized.

Rainbow Scissor

15,00 $
Stainless steel multi-purpose scissors. Can be sterilised

Rainbow Tip Cutter

12,00 $
Professional stainless steel tip cutter to cut the tips to the desired size. Can be sterilized.