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Diamond Bit Set

80,00 $
Removing crystals bit kit. Includes Diamond Destroyer 5XC grit 3 in 1 bit and Precission destroyer bit, no stone will be able to resist you.

LED It Dry Maxi! Portable Lamp

40,00 $
Portable wireless LED lamp perfect for x-press gel application. It’s clamp on its support base allows it to be grabbed on the table easily. Flexible aluminium body, durable and easy to handle.


12,00 $
Silicone tipped bit. For a spectacular finish to your manicure apply 'Cuticle Oil' and run it over the skin in an upward motion, THE RESULTS ARE AMAZING!!! Polish all the skin and remove any marks caused by the nipper or the bits. You will leave your skin super soft.

Robotech Pro Drill 2.0 – Diamond Edition

350,00 $
Wireless professional drill. Recharges easily in an average time of 2 hours, with a battery life of up to 10 hours. Its high capacity 3800mAH lithium-ion battery guarantees a long service life. LED display. Low heat, noise and vibration. Full diamond edition.

Russian Pellet

20,00 $
Diamond tipped bit in bullet or flame shape, perfect for Russian manicure. Specific for gently removing the cuticle and keratinized skin of the nail, polishing the cuts made with scissors or cuticle cutter. Its diamond-tipped head prevents the bit from deteriorating more quickly after use, thus ensuring greater durability.

Russian Torpedo

20,00 $
Barrel shaped diamond tipped bit, perfect for russian manicure technique. Specific for lifting and polishing proximal folds. Its premium diamond-tipped head prevents the bit from deteriorating quicker after use, therefore ensuring greater durability.

Pink Bit Box

5,00 $
Organizer box for bits. Protect them from bumps, dirt and dust.

Robotech Pro Drill 2.0 (Wireless Drill 35.000 rpm)

390,00 $
Wireless professional drill that can be easily recharged in an average time of 2 hours, with a battery life of up to 8 hours. It has a 2600mAH lithium-ion battery which guarantees a long battery life. Low heat, noise and vibration. 35000rpm

Bit Cleaning®

20,00 $
Bit with stainless steel bristles to clean dirt and rust from your other bits.

Ceramic Destroyer®

25,00 $
Ceramic material bit for acrylic removal.
5XC grit.

Diamond Destroyer®

40,00 $
NEW 5 in 1 bit, 5XC Grit, high quality carbide material. Perfect for full stone nail removal.

Diamond Precission Destroyer®

25,00 $
Carbide extra coarse bit perfect as a multi-purpose product. Big crystals removal, cuticle seal, cutting edges....

Candy LED Digital UV Lamp 48w

89,00 $
Professional UV/LED lamp with 48W of power for drying gel and gel polish. Very practical due to its small size and weight.
Holographic pink color.

LED It Dry! Portable Lamp

15,00 $
Mini portable LED drying lamp. Perfect for x-press technique application, jewelry, crystals , 3D or any detailed and precise work.  
Batteries not included

Lollipop Lamp® (WIRELESS UV LAMP)

290,00 $
Professional wireless lamp for drying gel polish, gel, acrylgel and gel paint. Its pink LED light favors and activates the skin collagen.
Power: 48w

No More Dust Maxi®

9,00 $
Big bit for cleaning dirt from nails or dust residues.

No More Dust Micro®

9,00 $
Bit for cleaning dirt from nails or dust residues.

Piercing Bit®

25,00 $
Professional Carbide bit for drilling holes and piercing sculpted nails.

Polish Remover®

25,00 $
Ceramic material bit, specific for gel polish removal. without damaging the natural nail.
Fine grit.


12,00 $
Silicone bit for polishing and shining sculpted nails.

Refill Sculpting®

40,00 $
Professional carbide conical bit for removing natural nail growth into the filling.
Medium grit

Removing 2XC®

25,00 $
Professional carbide bit for removals.  
2Extra-coarse grit.

Removing XC®

25,00 $
Professional carbide bit for removals.  
Extra-coarse grit.

Russian Big Ball®

15,00 $
Diamond premium bit. Big round tip shape bit for Russian manicure
Fine grit.